Embracing Social Entrepreneurship

Many social entrepreneurs – those who want to do good through business – struggle with how to take a vision and make it come to life. Many community leaders feel called to start a new ministry, business or nonprofit but struggle with how to start. For more than twenty years, CDP has helped thousands of nonprofits, small businesses and social enterprises get organized, get funded and be sustainable. This session offers the next generation of entrepreneurs the tools they need to launch a new enterprise and will help emerging entrepreneurs identify the best path to bring their vision to fruition. Participants will receive an introduction to the concept of social enterprise and how to employ business principles to make social change. Content includes using social enterprise within nonprofits, as for-profit businesses, and how to create a business to employ the hardest to serve residents of a community. Participants will have the opportunity to develop working knowledge of concepts of social enterprise and entrepreneurship, learn various business structures of social enterprise, and explore how to increase organizational impact through deployment of social enterprise constructs.

Date & Time
Friday October 6th, 2023 3:15pm EDT
End Date & Time
Friday October 6th, 2023 4:30pm EDT
Kentucky, 1st Floor Marriott
Category Workshop


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