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Saturday Morning Plenary 173
Sat October 7th, 2023
Saturday Morning Bible Study 179
Bible Story
Sat October 7th, 2023
Friday Evening Plenary 172
Fri October 6th, 2023
Creation as Kin: A Vision For a Land-based Approach to Community Development 225
Historically, community development initiatives have tended to center humans; that is, they are concerned primarily with the flourishing of humans and their human communities. As a result, the natural world has been left as an afterthought or outsourced to ...
Cultivating Flourishing Congregations 220
Establishing wellness in congregations in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be challenging, with the effects being both taxing on clergy and churches struggling to embrace belonging in the community again. This workshop offers an approach to ...
Embrace Gospel Justice: Church-Based Legal Ministry 245
“How can the local church do legal ministry? And why should they be doing it? 37 million low-income people are turned away from legal aid every year, but there are simple ways your church can provide legal help to meet that need. Ruth and Emily, pastors’ wives with ...
Embracing Social Enterprise - Using the Market to Serve People Instead of Profits 198
This workshop will spotlight an innovative social enterprise that is currently serving the Louisville community and the local church. Additionally, it will serve as a think tank for partitioners to envision how they might begin to embrace economic development ...
Embracing Social Entrepreneurship 256
Many social entrepreneurs – those who want to do good through business – struggle with how to take a vision and make it come to life. Many community leaders feel called to start a new ministry, business or nonprofit but struggle with how to start. For more than twenty ...
Embracing the Principles and Practices of Peacemaking 230
Our communities are full of seemingly intractable conflict and systemic injustice, opening opportunities for Christians to live as peacemakers seeking justice and repair. But the church has not been given the tools it needs to effectively embrace this call. ...

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