Creation as Kin: A Vision For a Land-based Approach to Community Development

Historically, community development initiatives have tended to center humans; that is, they are concerned primarily with the flourishing of humans and their human communities. As a result, the natural world has been left as an afterthought or outsourced to particular vocations like farming or gardening. However, Scripture gives us a vibrant ecological imagination that leads to the mutual thriving of all members, human and non-human alike. How could the land under our feet be embraced as a fellow member in justice-oriented work for everyone, not only land-oriented projects? Through teaching and participatory activities, this workshop will enliven an imagination for holistic CCD work that embraces other-than-human kin as part of the vision of the Kingdom of God.

Date & Time
Friday October 6th, 2023 3:15pm EDT
End Date & Time
Friday October 6th, 2023 4:30pm EDT
Covington 3, 1st Floor Marriott
Category Workshop


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